Let’s get down to reality. There is little doubt that since if not long before Donald Trump became President Elect, he has been and is being investigated by thousands of people working for the media, intelligence agencies and even law enforcement authorities from all over the world. Some of those will be trying or will have succeeded in putting him under some sort of surveillance however tenuous either in cyberspace and/or the real world.

The standard ploy of any intelligence agency is to dress up its activities as if they were those of another organisation (especially in the media or from an unfriendly country’s intelligence apparatus). Trump’s advisers will know that. They will also know that the concept of any President Elect or President of the USA not being under some form of investigation (if only journalistic) or attempted surveillance by foreign intelligence agencies is as farcical as Trump’s seemingly paranoid claims that Obama ordered them.

The problem for Trump and his not so merry men (and women) is that he has a career littered with allegations of wrongdoing, malpractice, fraud, misdemeanours and criminal activities all over the world. To cite but one example, a quick read of an article by a respected British paper (the FT) entitled “Dirty money: Trump and the Kazakh connection” published on 19 October 2016, will give you a good idea of the sort of alleged criminal activities Trump and co may have been involved in. The FT is most unlikely to publish such detailed allegations unless it is on terra firma.

Proof of any one of the major allegations swirling around would probably lead to Trump’s impeachment. What is worrying for Trump and his team is that these allegations about his involvement in Kazakhstan are just a few of the many being investigated. After all, he is still involved in dozens of unsavoury lawsuits in the USA alone, many of which allege criminal activity by those under his command. He has already settled quite a few nasty ones with cash (ie out of court settlements). Imagine what will happen when Putin decides to pass his dossier on Trump to WikiSpooks or WikiLeaks or some other well-meaning (or self-interested and interfering) philanthropic organisation.

No wonder Trump appears to be and probably is paranoid. The Kazakh connection may well be the one that leads to his impeachment because of his alleged ties with Alfa-bank. Interestingly, Alfa-bank is a Russian bank based in Moscow which is apparently not affected by US or other sanctions. Albeit not cited in the Kazakh connection article, it has had an active presence in Almaty since 1994 and allegedly has ties with the Trumps.

Maybe the world’s intelligence agencies should make Beyond Enkription mandatory reading for their “know it all agents” … as should most peacocky politicians. That way when their phones are tapped they can at the very least tweet a simple immutable message in a bottle explaining their dilemma in words that are not misspelt! In the meantime, we’ll have to rely on blockchain technology such as at Veriphant, to immutably lock in the truth so that future generations can look back in anger and truly understand why their future was wrecked by the greed and corruption of others.

This article was first published on 17th March 2017.

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